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What is RetroSweat?

The Authentic 1980s freestyle aerobics workout!

Founded in 2011 by Shannon Dooley, this hour of ‘80s power is where legendary music, fabulous fashion and iconic moves collide to create an experience so joyous and cathartic, you actually forget you’re exercising.

Each week, in multiple venues across Sydney, Australia and online across the globe, we star-jump, flick-kick and grapevine to the sweet sounds of David Bowie, Bananarama, Pat Benatar and WHAM! We grapevine, squat, star-jump, chassé and work up a good ol’ fashioned sweat, having a fabulous time doing it!

All ages and experience levels are welcome! The Retrosweat room is a safe and encouraging space. Come as you are, and let us EnterTRAIN you! The workout actively strengthens your cardiovascular system, burns fat and tones your entire body.

The Retrosweat environment also provides the opportunity for creative expression, resulting in a cathartic release and powerful resurrection of your inner child.

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Retrosweat's Founder Shannon Dooley



Our in-house sweats are booked through Mind Body Online so click the link below to become a member and join the fun!


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At Home

Thanks to the power of technology you can sweat with us from the comfort of your own home.

We have a huge library of on-demand and livestream workouts ready and waiting for you!



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Home Video

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Retrosweat Home Video is your one stop enterTrainment shop for all things theatrical fitness.

Your subscription to Retrosweat Home Video gives you unlimited access to both our ever growing library of workout adventures AND our weekly live classes, with a schedule suitable for all global time zones, ages and fitness levels.

Retrosweat VHS cover: Retrosweat Express Lowimpact Retrosweat VHS cover: Retroflow Yoga




Retrosweat Creations™ is our vintage inspired leisurewear and merch range.

Our creations are ethically made with love and passion, supporting and collaborating with other small, independent businesses as much as possible.

Let's hit the RETROSWEAT MALL!

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Retrosweat All-Star Instructor Kimberley
Retrosweat All-Star Instructor Shannon Dooley
Retrosweat All-Star Instructor Team

Meet our Amazing Retrosweat All-Stars!

Retrosweat All-Star Instructor Emily
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Retrosweat All-Star Instructor Shannon Holly Sheils


Retrosweat's Founder Shannon squatting with a barbell

Retrosweat can haul the Boombox to you!

Retrosweat’s mobile event service “Dial-a-Sweat” offers a party experience like no other.

We even do hens parties, corporate events, PR experiences and product launches, festivals and birthday parties- it’s all on the menu. We run Retroflow power ballad yoga classes, Retrosplash aqua aerobics pool parties and Dance performances for your special event!

We’re also happy to travel to other decades - doing 1970s disco sweats, 1990s and even 1950s! Some of our wonderful clients over the years include Google, SONY, StyleRunner, PE NATION, Jaggard, St George Bank, Koala, JBL, NIMBLE, CHIN CHIN and Amazon.

Inside or outside. Day or night. Just hit us up with your dreams and we will make them a reality.

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