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What is Retrosweat?

Retrosweat began in 2011, when founder Shannon Dooley was inspired to create a workout that was effective, but more importantly, FUN. “Why does exercise have to be so serious?” she asked herself. She looked to the history books for inspiration and out popped “1980s Freestyle Aerobics” and all the outfits, music and joy and humour that went along with it. When she saw how many of you were getting footloose with her, she grew the company to make room for more like-minded aerobicisers who were all looking for a new and fun way to enhance their quality of life.

The core philosophy of Retrosweat is the creation of a space that is inclusive, playful and driven by instructors who make it impossible not to have fun and let loose.

Retrosweat serves the body and the soul

No matter which class you attend, the playlist is filled with songs you can’t help but dance to (and already know the words to). No previous experience or special skill set is required. You show up and we take care of the rest.

Three times a week in Sydney’s Waterloo and Surry Hills (and whenever you like online) Retrosweat’s All-Star instructors lead a session of fun, fabulous and FULL ON 1980s aerobics.