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All-Star instructors


Shannon Dooley

Shannon’s mother taught her everything she knows. After graduating from NIDA with a BA in 2007, she struggled to find the treadmill, competitive dance, or really any type of traditional exercise very alluring. She looked to her heroes: Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, David Bowie and Madonna and they told her what to do: create her workout class!

Retrosweat combines her love of iconic, timeless pop, vintage fashion and a mission to make dance and movement accessible to, and enjoyable for, everybody. She loves using Retrosweat to take people on a theatrical and joyous time travelling journey so they can forget their 21st century dilemmas, lose their inhibitions, resurrect their inner child and have a damn good time.

Favourite 1980s hit: Little Red Corvette by Prince
Cocktail of Choice: Frozen Margarita
Crimp or Curl: TEASE
Favourite ‘80s Movie: Little Shop of Horrors and Labyrinth
Shimmer Tights or bike Shorts: Shimmers all the way

All-Star Instructor


Elouise is mad about all things ‘80s! Big hair, g string leotards and of course, the music. Growing up with her Mum’s love of George Michael, Spandau Ballet & INXS and her Dad’s love of Bowie and The Clash, her playlists are always eclectic. By day Elouise is an actor, stand-up comedian, singer and dancer.

She is a huge fan of Prince, Madonna & Chaka Khan so you can be sure her workouts will be hot, fun and funky. Although she loves to crack jokes and keep you smiling in our workouts, you’ll definitely still feel the burn (laughing definitely helps tone those abs and smiling is scientifically proven to burn more calories!)

Favourite 1980s hit: Express Yourself by Madonna
Cocktail of Choice: Aperol Spritz
Crimp or Curl: Curl
Favourite ‘80s Movie: Coming to America
Shimmer Tights or bike Shorts: Shimmer Tights!

All-Star Instructor


Holly’s a ‘90s baby, but she certainly knows the feeling of dancing on the ceiling. She grew up on the classics from ‘80s music legends Prince, George Michael and David Bowie. She trained from an very early age at Brent St Dance in every movement style under the sun, and has a lifetime of dance performing and teaching experience under her high-waisted belt. Latin American dance is her speciality so expect a bit of hip action, cha cha chas and Latin arms in her classes! Holly is a die-hard fan of ABBA, Madonna and Blondie and her playlists are nothing short of an entertainment extravaganza.

Favourite 1980s hit:
I’m Still Standing by Elton John
Cocktail of Choice: Aperol Spritz
Crimp or Curl: Crimp (In a high ponytail!)
Favourite ‘80s Movie: Footloose
Shimmer Tights or bike Shorts: Bike Shorts, with a g string over the top!

All-Star Instructor


Luke is never too shy for an endorphin high while sporting a look and a smoky eye. Growing up under the influences of David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and MJ, he’s never been shy about embracing his inner glam rock space god (with a few hair flicks to prove it).

A former state champion and national swimmer, he was known to dance for his squad on the pool deck (even if just to get out of Butterfly drills).

This training, and his professional background in musical theatre has given Luke a passion for working hard, keeping fit and doing it all with a theatrical flair.

He is incredibly proud of be a part of the Retrosweat team and swears by its power to lift people to a positive mindset. He’ll work you hard, but have you smiling for it.

Favourite 1980s hit: I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
Cocktail of Choice: Old Fashioned
Crimp or Curl: Curl
Favourite ‘80s Movie: Back to The Future Part II
Shimmer Tights or bike Shorts: Bike Shorts

All-Star Instructor


A graduate from NIDA’s Acting B.A. and looking for a fun, creative outlet, Retrosweat magnified Emily’s self-confidence, in AND out of Lycra, and her natural style infused effortlessly with an 80s aesthetic.

She’s always up for a dance party and puts equal amounts of kindness, sparkle, and sass into everything she does. She’s a strong, fearless leader - especially in the aerobics room! When she’s not leading a class you can catch her in the highly acclaimed TV series, Wentworth and in The Secrets She Keeps on Channel 10!

Favourite 1980s hit:
Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent by Gwen Guthrie
Cocktail of Choice: Tommy’s Margarita
Crimp or Curl: Curl
Favourite ‘80s Movie: Ghostbusters
Shimmer Tights or bike Shorts: I love a bike short!

All-Star Instructor


Kristina is a Yogini and Musical Theatre aficionado. When she isn't dancing Fosse and teaching regular Retrosweat and Retroflow classes, she's expanding her mind through meditation, language and connection. Kristina believes movement is medicine so warms towards practises like Retrosweat, which have you ticking the boxes of about five fundamental human needs all at once! Ooh! - that really sings her song. She's a team player and always keen to stand beside those who willingly admit that they have no idea where they are going, but are just doing their best!

Favourite 1980s hit: How Will I Know by Whitney Houston
Cocktail of Choice: Margarita
Crimp or Curl: Curl
Favourite ‘80s Movie: Back to the Future
Shimmer Tights or bike Shorts: Shimmer Tights

All-Star Instructor


Kimberley is a professional Actress, princess and Retrosweat All-Star who’s been grapevine-ing since she was 10- when she would attend aerobics classes with her mum.

Kimberley and Shannon lived together while at studying at NIDA and Shannon would often come home to Kimberley pony galloping to her mum’s old Cher, Cindy Crawford and Jane Fonda original VHS workout tapes in the lounge room!

Kimberley has extensive experience as an actor and dancer and loves 5,6,7,8-ing her way around town! Kimberley joined the Retrosweat AllStar team after living in the wonderful neon lights of Los Angeles for many years, where she worked as an actor in film.

Favourite 1980s hit: Like a Prayer by Madonna
Cocktail of Choice: A Fluffy Duck Mocktail
Crimp or Curl: Curl
Favourite ‘80s Movie: Mannequin
Shimmer Tights or bike Shorts: Both


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